Date Night: Disc Golf Adventure

It’s date night again!!! This month, we are talking about an out of the house date night idea! Even better, right?

Many times that we want to go out, we can’t find anyone to babysit. Thus, nights like Puzzle Edition happen. Those are great nights. Who doesn’t love quiet hours spent together?


You know you both enjoy a night out, away from the kids, to just be adults. Being mom and dad is great, but being you, husband and wife…that’s something that isn’t in large supply during these early years of child-rearing. But, we got that this weekend! We planned ahead, got the babysitting set up (thanks MIL & FIL!) and started brainstorming for our date. We always have to plan, or we end up being bored. But this week, the Hubs had a great idea!

Disc Golf

Seriously, even the uncoordinated like myself can manage this one. I will say that I was the caddy/water girl this time around. I enjoyed the whole process, but am just as happy tagging along to actually playing. So ladies, make the guys night and be his caddy!

Why should you try out disc golf on a date? Let me tell you what makes it a perfect idea for any date, especially those who like the frugal side of life!


    We all enjoy an activity during a date. But many have decent costs for the equipment, whether you’re renting or buying. Thankfully this isn’t one of them. We actually bought our discs in college, while we were extremely broke. Our discs were around $8/disc, and we bought 3 each. You need a long distance, mid, and putter to play (I like playing with the putter… more control for me 😉 ) So for all 6, we paid around $50.

    If you doubt you will play and just want to caddy, you save even more. Amazon has even more options now, some as cheap as this one, which is only $20 for a starter kit. Like any sport, it can get expensive. We saw guys out these this weekend that had around 20 discs and this super special backpack to carry them. Trust me, it’s as expensive as you make it. The sport has gotten more popular, so the cost is going down for many parts of it. And the discs last a long time. We got them in college, have had them around 8 years now, and we still use them. (When the kids aren’t using them to serve us mud pies on).


    Okay, so maybe not well. But you can throw it. I am very NOT good at sports. Like at all. But since I love the Hubs, I go out and throw the football or baseball, or in this case, disc golf with him. Y’all, we were out when I was 9 months pregnant with our first two kids, playing disc golf. (I didn’t play then, but I have many times.) We live in the South, and those two kids were born in August and September. If you don’t know what a Southern summer feels like, think sauna. But everywhere. So, obviously, there’s alot of love in our game of disc golf.

    Most of the courses are set up to have lots of leeway for your errors in throwing. It’s also hilarious when you aren’t good, and your score is so high. Although, if you tend to be competitive, it may be harder for you to not do well. Hopefully, if you’re competitive you have some skills in throwing a disc. Do be aware though, like golf balls, discs can be lost in the water. We Hubs has lost 2 of ours in lakes, due to his competitive nature. So watch out for the water. Be prepared to get wet or to lose a disc.

    Photo by Edewaa Foster on Unsplash
    Water + Hubs = loss of discs. Also, no disc golf course is this pretty….but we can dream, right?

    We all need fresh air and sunshine. This is a perfect way to get it. Many of the courses are also through the woods, so it keeps you from getting too hot. Many of us (Hubs, in our situation) are stuck inside, at a desk/office/cubicle for hours on end every day. So this is a perfect date for those folks. Not too strenuous, but enough to get your blood pumping and feeling good.


    If you’re having to schedule dates around kids, you need this time to talk. If you don’t have kids, but still have to schedule dates because of busy schedules, you need this time to talk. Really, the simple answer is that if you are married, you need this time. Marriage only works if you are communicating. Life tends to get in the way of that, causing other things to be more important that the two of you discussing what you had for lunch.

    This seems like not a big deal, but after almost 2 years of no dates when we lived away from family, we realize just how much it helps a marriage to do this. Don’t let too much time pass without talking.

  5. WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH THE LEFTOVER BUDGETSo, we tend to have a budget for our dates. Since we didn’t use any money to play disc golf, we got to go out to eat at a restaurant that we’ve been waiting to go to for awhile. It was super delicious, had an awesome server, and was somewhere we wouldn’t go to regularly.

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Now, please listen. I’m not saying to go blow money. BUT, if you are smart about what you go do on your date, you get to enjoy it in other ways. You can save it, that’s definitely an option. But, as I’ve said before, we love to go out to eat. We like to set ourselves up, like this, to go out somewhere a bit nicer than originally planned. What to do with the money you haven’t spent, that’s up to you. Decide together, and have a little fun with it.


Dating your spouse, that is seriously one of the most important things you can do. You made a life-long decision to love him more than anyone else (God excluded, of course) and you have to do that. Frugal dating is even more fun than regular. You get to be creative, think of things you wouldn’t typically do. Since we went to play disc golf, we also got to see buffalo that are in the same big park as the disc golf course. How cool is that?! You never know what will happen if you try something different on a date. I highly recommend disc golf for any date, frugal or not.

Do you play disc golf? What’s your favorite type of frugal date?


  1. mrspickypincher

    August 17, 2017 at 8:16 am

    This is such a cute idea! I’ve never played disc golf but it does look like fun. I’m incredibly clumsy and horrible at anything sporty, so I’m sure Mr. Picky Pincher would blow me out of the water. 😉 But I love the idea of dating your spouse! Dating doesn’t end when you get married. 🙂

    1. Ember

      August 17, 2017 at 8:27 am

      Oh me too! I’m so clumsy, which is why I end up being the caddy 🙂 But it’s really fun! And you get to relax and enjoy quiet time together. Plus, it’s interesting to watch the really intense disc golf guys.
      We are all about the dates! We only get maybe one a month, so we make sure to have fun, albeit frugally. 🙂

  2. AdventureRich

    August 17, 2017 at 8:52 am

    There are a lot of disc golf locations in our area… but we have yet to try them! You may have just inspired an upcoming date night 🙂

    We really enjoy either coffee or a drink and a walk on date nights. Not always the most frugal (not crazy expensive either)… but it gives Mr. Adventure Rich and I a chance to catch up and dream a bit without the distractions around the house!

    ~Mrs. Adventure Rich

    1. Ember

      August 17, 2017 at 8:58 am

      Yes!! Let me know how you like it! It’s a great relaxing date!

      We do the same, but with ice cream. Or frozen custard. Basically any frozen delicious treat, except frozen yogurt because that’s not fatty enough to spend the money to us 🙂 Taking the time to relax and dream… that’s what a date is about!!

  3. Priscilla

    August 19, 2017 at 8:23 am

    Disc golf is right up our alley. We like frugal, outdoorsy dates. A hike is perfect. A romp through fresh snow in December is SO sweet. The best one is a hand-n-hand stroll in an easy summer drizzle. Yes, you come back soaked, but you also come back smiling and laughing. If we actually want to spend money, we like to go to the nearby small town that has an ancient walk-up DQ and have a Blizzard in the parking lot.

    1. Ember

      August 19, 2017 at 9:05 am

      I love outdoorsy dates! I’m not for cold, but I can see it being a fun date! Any date that involves ice cream is a winning date for me 😁

  4. MustardSeedMoney

    August 20, 2017 at 8:36 am

    I’m a huge fan of disc golf and I use to throw only the putter. I definitely liked the control and the courses we played on weren’t too long so it didn’t cost me too much in distance. Now if only I can convince my wife to play…

    1. Ember

      August 20, 2017 at 8:53 am

      I love the control of the putter. Hubs likes the distance one, but I am terrible with that one. Tell her she can caddy and then get ice cream! That’s always a winning argument with me 😁

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