Date Night: Puzzle Edition

Dating your spouse. A time to get together and talk about anything and everything (and eat, of course). But when kids are introduced to the picture, taking time to be together gets so hard! It can be expensive, and then there’s the pressure of deciding what to do. It has to be worth it, after paying a babysitter or getting someone to watch the kids, right? Yup, we put too much pressure on the date, and end up not enjoying it.

Admit it, you have done that too.

So, in honor of that, welcome to a new re-occurring series:

Date Nights- At home and out, for the frugal couple

Why is this a needed series?

Because you need your husband. He needs you.

Like, without the kids in y’all’s faces. In our home, kids not in faces is a hard to come by moment. Don’t get me wrong, I so love those kids. But my husband is more important than the kids (gasp!), and we have to take the time we can get and keep our relationship as the #1 (#2 to my relationship with Christ, of course).

So that leads us to, date night. Isn’t that word something that sends shivers down your spine in anticipation?

Time with my love and it's frugal! Adding to my date night list

It is for us! Despite living within 45 mins from both sets of our parents, date night is still not a regularly occurring activity. Once a month is our current plan, although we would obviously love more. So we have taken it upon us to plan at home date nights a couple times a month, in addition to the out of the house date nights once a month.

We live our frugal lifestyle, so we don’t want to go crazy spending all the moneys. And to be honest, if we don’t have some type of plan for our “date night” whether out of the house or in, we tend to fail at it.

“How can you fail at date night?” You ask such a simple question. Here’s our answer.

We run errands. Yes, our dates become the time we finally get to go to Lowe’s and see if we can find that stain for the patio we budgeted for. Or to pick up the birthday present we keep forgetting for our nephew’s birthday. We always end up spending more money than planned, because we’re bored.

Here’s a quick tip: boredom = unplanned budget issues. Boredom will lead to you going to a movie for the nice extra price tag of almost $20. Not too much, I guess. But to us, it’s silly. We don’t go out to pay $20 to NOT talk to each other. (Except maybe if Star Wars is in theaters. Hubs has our December date already planned for this year. My sweet nerd. Love him!) So we have learned to plan, plan, plan for our dates. Even if we end up driving around or going to a park to walk, we have it as a backup so we don’t spend unnecessary money.

So, what is this week’s date night idea?

Puzzle Night

I know, I know. How can that be fun? Well, we are currently working our way through a box of 10 puzzles. It was less than $20, and has already lasted us 2 date nights. Frugal? I’d say. But it’s more than the fact that it’s frugal. We have learned a few things about each other from our puzzle date nights.   

  1. I am very competitive at putting a puzzle together.

    This was news to me. Hubs was completely confused by my intensity in putting the puzzle together. He felt like I was a crazy person basically. I felt like I was just trying to get it done, but once he said something, I noticed that I was trying to get my side done quicker than him. I’m a very un-competitive person. Like, I seriously don’t care about winning. Except apparently at puzzles…. who knew?

  2. Shared, quiet concentration is very soothing.

    I love to talk. Like, incessantly. I’m better than I used to be, but still, I love to talk. Hubs is an  introvert and is happy to sit in the quiet. But I joined him in that quiet during the puzzles. We talked, don’t get me wrong. We caught up on the day and all that. But we were in a focused state of concentration and it really calmed us.

  3. We work pretty well together.

    Okay, I knew this one. I’ll admit. But it’s always refreshing to realize how well we work together (after I stopped being a competitive butt), and just enjoy being together. So many couples say that they can’t work with their spouse, they don’t get along when they do, etc, etc. But we do, and we love it. It’s a nice reminder.

So, maybe puzzles aren’t the coolest thing. There are some pretty crazy puzzles though, like this 3000 piece one ( we love BBQ competitions, so this is cool to me) or this 5000 piece one, which is basically insane. We may get there one day though, you never know. The point isn’t to have the coolest date story, though. It’s to have that time, set aside, to be together. Not watching TV, not every date at least. Make this fun! Go together or get on Amazon together, and pick it out. Get a really beautiful scene, or one with all his (or yours) favorite comic book heroes on it. There are so many options.

Puzzles aren’t the typical date night experience. But I learned some new things about us as a couple, even after almost 10 years together. I think you can probably learn something about each other too.

So that’s my challenge to you.

What 3 things can you learn from each other during your date night: Puzzle Edition? 

Let me know what y’all learned in the comments!

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